Etching metal components
(Advanced Chemical Etching)

Cumatrix is an agent of ACE, Advanced Chemical Etching. ACE is specialised in etching metal components.

ACE is a company specialised in etching and forming metal components from 80 micron to 1.5mm in thickness, and is established in the United Kingdom. The etched forms can be provided with a galvanic top layer.

Cumatrix is ACE's agent and can help you with the design, etching and forming of your product. Your design can also be provided with different finishings, including plating and passivation. Thanks to our high-quality service and additional options you can save a great deal of time and effort.

Do you want to have a metal component etched, and possibly formed afterwards? Contact us for more information or request a quote. We’re happy to give you an affordable quote. The delivery period depends on your choice of material, the finish and the complexity during the realisation of your product. To receive a quote for chemical etching, submitting a PDF file suffices.

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Etching metal components (Advanced Chemical Etching)

In which sectors are etched metal components used?

Chemical etching has many popular applications. Chiefly aviation, defence, F1, communications, electronics, medical sector, renewable energy and so many more use this efficient technique to etch, mark and process metals.

Which materials can be etched?

Standard metals such as stainless steel, spring steel, copper, brass and phosphor bronze but also special metals can be etched on request. ACE is specialised in etching aluminium, titanium, nitinol, molybdenum and the like.

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ACE, Advanced Chemical Etching, holds the following quality certificates:
  • ISO 9001 Accreditation Certificate
  • ISO 14001 Accreditation Certificate
  • AS9100 (Quality)
  • IATF16949 (Automotive QMS)
  • ISO 13485 (Medical QMS)

Every year, you will find us and our ACE colleagues at the Precision Fair in the Netherlands. Come visit us and find out more about the chemical etching of metal components.

Do you want to find out more about the various possibilities for your project? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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