Custom-made printed circuit boards (PCBs)

Cumatrix provides printed circuit boards, ranging from single-sided boards to multi-layer complex flex-rigid boards.

A printed circuit board is an indispensable component in just about all electronic devices and is produced from FR4 and copper. A trace pattern is made in the copper by etching. The copper is covered by solder mask, which is usually green in colour, but can be supplied in all colours. From a single-sided print, to a complex multilayer, almost anything is possible.

Custom-made printed circuit boards (PCBs)

Requesting custom-made printed circuits at Cumatrix

Are you looking for PCBs for specific electronic applications? Request a quote and send us your design as a zipfile. Our experts will gladly help you produce a custom-made printed circuit board for a successful conclusion of your project.

Both for single-sided and more complicated printed circuit boards, we guarantee accurate etching work. Thanks to our guaranteed quality, you can count on a perfect application of the printed circuit boards you want.

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